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Welcome to Befitting Just Your Style!

Welcome to Befitting Just Your Style!

Befitting Just Your Style strives to refocus their emphasis on the changing requirements of the hospitality business.  Restructuring tours, trips, special events to meet the requests of meeting planners, groups, organizations and clubs to present unique and interactive programs.  Coming from the background of a one-stop destination management company, Befitting Just Your Style continues to simplify the planning of a meeting, event, tour or travel program and making these programs work in a seamless transition between client, vendor and Befitting Just Your Style and create a one stop hub.Our company is based on service, fulfillment of agreements, reliability of our networking partners and support of our clients vision. Accomplishing this end by continually upgrading our resources and keeping a constant watch on new developments, we are continuing to produce, since 1989, the required results.

This has resulted in maintaining our client base, adding recommended new contacts that keeps us ahead of the changing marketplace as a resource in planning our calendar year.   Therefore, in an industry where you have to keep pace, the search continues to change the direction of what we offer our clients, maintain our sources to present new industry developments and still keep that personal availability to our clients.  Befitting Just Your Style IS on the JOB. Every program, event, tour or trip has a personal escort that oversees each step of everything we do in Befitting Just Your Style.

The services of our company have expanded as our audience has continued to shift their requirements. Although a Destination Management Company can encompass all aspects of your meeting, trip, tour, special event or transportation requirements, the requests and requirements have totally altered what BJYS offers their clients. Entertainment for special events, customized tours that include history, informative customized programs, guides and even staff to coordinate your function or meeting. We become your connection to the hotel, off-site area hot spots, locations and even offers you, the meeting planner, social director or club activities chairman, the opportunity to attend to the pressing demands of coordinating all the aspects of your job, with support and assistance from one source, Befitting Just Your Style

We are not the separate entities but have spent the time to organize and network with those companies that will deliver what our clients want. Our company brings together each one of the parts that make up the whole, complete the final connection and tie the bow from all the separate strings. The "right hands-on person" or "clearing house" to service your entire event, program or trip that starts the project and brings it to completion in Befitting Just Your Style.

Some images from some of our recent activities

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